Our Protection Helpers

There are two roles which a protection helper has. The first and easiest is that of Trial Helper. The trial helper performs specified tasks during a trial that test your dog’s ability and courage. The trial helper must act consistently and fairly so that the judge can properly evaluate your dog. The second role is that of Training Helper. The quality of your Training Helper can make or break your dog. Starting with the young dog, it is the Training Helper’s job to educate both the dog and the handler. He must read the dog’s personality and build its drives. The dog must learn not merely to bite, but how to bite: how to target, how to grip, to reattack and how to master itself and release the helper when required. This may all sound easy but it is an art requiring many years study and a feeling for dogs.

Ray Silvertrust

Our founder and training director, brings many years of experience to the job of helper. He has studied helper work with some of the most famous teachers in Germany, Austria and the United States. Over the years, he has served as Training Director and Chief Helper in a number of other schutzhund clubs where he taught new helpers the art of protection training. He has trained many dogs, including his own, to SchH III in Protection Work. Ray specializes as a Training Helper & has been recognized as an expert in bringing young & problem dogs to their full potential. He passed the rigorous examination held by the GSDCA-WDA and is a Certified GSDCA-WDA as well as a GSDCA Club Helper

Skyler Silvertrust

In 2003, Skyler passed the rigorous certification examination held by the GSDCA-WDA after only two years of studying with his father. Called a “natural” by one of Germany’s leading experts, Skyler was the youngest person to become a certified helper in America. Presently he is a certified Regional Helper. With considerable trial experience under his belt, in the past few years, he has also become a fine training helper. Skyler has been certified by the GSDCA and the GSDCA-WDA

Andrius Arbatauskas

After studying with Ray for two years, Andrius passed the GSDCA-WDA certification examination and is now a GSDCA-WDA as well as a GSDCA Certified Club Helper. He was commended for his fair and safe work and has now become a fine training helper as well.

Ed Calderon

Ed  has been a helper for nearly two decades and is a fine trial helper as well as training helper, He is certified by the German Shepherd Dog Club of America as a National Helper. Though not trained by Ray, Ed's style and work is very similar and club members are assured of a unified approach to successful protection work.



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