Obedience & Tracking Photographs & Videos

Videos courtesy of Lisa & Tom Hackiewic

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Reporting In 5 Videos  Moving Down
Recall Retrieve over the Jump Retrieve over the Wall

Reporting in to the judge

Heeling with attention

Andrius & Colt

Ray & Santo

Ron and Cairo

The run, fast heeling

Heeling in the Group

The moving down

Presening the dumbell

Santo miscalculates the distance to the jump

But he gets it right on trial day

Rudi hurdles over the jump toward the dumbell

Treue on her way back with the dumbell

Ron teaching Cairo to negotiate the wall

Treue returning over the wall

Santo retrieving the dumbell over the wall

A tracking pole is a handy device to save

your back during beginning tracking.

Tracking with a deep nose

Concentration on the track

Awaiting the judge's report on trial day