In Loving Memory

Santo von der Neuen Welt

December 24, 2002-September 28, 2017

V-1 / KKL 1 Lbz, 5 Times Midwest/North Central Conformation Sieger

98 Points in SchH3 Protection under an SV Police Instructor Judge

Owners & Companions: The Silvertrusts: Ray, Skyler, Joyce & Loren

Santo 's achievements

He was the 2004 Midwest Regional Youth Sieger at 17 months under SV Judge Rene Rudin, the breed warden of Switzerland. He was SG 1 under SV Judges Hans Joachim Dux, Richard Brauch and Morton Goldfarb. At the 2004 USA Sieger Show under SV Vice President Erich Orschler, Santo was SG4 in a class of over 40 dogs. He was the 2005 North Central Regional Open Class Sieger under SV Judge Dieter Oeser and in August of 2006, he became the North Central Regional Working Class Sieger under SV Judge Franz Peter Knaul in front of several VA dogs. In 2007 at the North American Sieger Show, Santo was the highest placing American Bred dog and also the highest placed dog who was handler owned and trained. In 2008, Santo once again became the Midwest Regional Working Class Sieger under SV Judge Rainer Mast in front more VA dogs. In 2009, Santo was Sieger at the USA North Central Regional Championship Conformation Show. In 2012, at the age of 10, Santo was the North American Veteran's Class Sieger under SV Judge Thomas Teubert, beating out dogs 4 years younger than him.


Under SV Judge Klaus Ambrosius, who for more than 30 years was a senior instructor at a German Government Police Dog Training School, Santo scored 98 out of 100 in SchH3 protection and a 94 in obedience.


Video of Santo's 2007 Sieger Show Protection Work