Show & Show Training Photographs

Skyler practices stacking

the young Santo

SV Judge Hans Peter Fetten opens Shilo's mouth
 to make sure that she has all of her teeth

Ray & Eve slow gaiting

Goscha gaiting

 Ray calls Goscha's double handler for help

Joey stacks Sade

At the show, Bakke, Kali and Heska all being prepared for the stack

Working Class Females are stacked for the judge's evaluation

The judge signals Ray & Heska into first place

Heska & Skyler turn on the speed

Santo shows his roomy stride

Fast gaiting at the Sieger Show Stand Mustering

Santo & Ray off lead gaiting

Skyler and Santo at the North American Sieger Show

Santo and Skyler win the

Regional Championship

Santo awaits the results

Santo von der Neuen Welt

5 Time Regional Sieger