Chicago Schutzhund Verein

2013 Midwest Championship Conformation Show

With SV Judge Joachim Stiegler

Photos courtesy of Leslie Manzara 2013

Trophies for the Winners

Jama calls Giano as the gaiting phase begins

Giano already shows a roomy puppy gait

And the Little Guy can pull too.

Giano looks at Herr Stiegler and asks "What do you think?"

Already learning the stand

Skyler puts Kali through her paces

Judge Stiegler examines Kali in the stand

Eddie and Ina in the slow gaiting phase

Ina shows why she was the winner of this year's Open Females Class

Eddie stacks Ina

And Ray stacks Axel

Colt and Axel in the slow gaiting phase

Axel shows his considerable strength

Andrius takes Colt through his paces

While Ray takes Axel through his

Veteran 11 year old Santo showing his roomy gait

Judge Stiegler gives his critique of 5 Time Midwest Champion Santo

Skyler and Santo fast gaiting

A fast off lead lap for the crowd

Skyler & Heska in the slow gaiting phase

But its  her fast gaiting that won Heska her second place finish in the Working Class

Ray gets Heska ready for the Off Lead Lap

Heska running the off lead lap

Skyler stacks Heska under Judge Stiegler's watchful eyes

Heska this year's Midwest Vize Siegerin

2013 Working Class Sieger Uzo von Huerta Hof

Ray & Judge Stiegler congratulate breeder Carlos Huerta

Club President Ray Silvertrust & Judge Stiegler

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