Chicago Schutzhund Verein

2014 Midwest Championship Conformation Show

With SV Judge Uwe Sprenger

Photos courtesy of Leslie Manzara 2014

Leslie and Alex assemble the trophies

Trophies for the winners

Petsi already shows a roomy puppy gait

Ray sets Petsi up for the stacked evaluation

Herr Sprenger gives his report to Petsi after her first show

Ina shows her roomy gait as Eddie puts her through her paces

Eddie sets up Ina for her standing evaluation

Herr Sprenger compares the top 2 dogs in the Open Class females

And he says Ina is clearly the 1st Place Dog, the 2014 Open Class Siegerin

Herr Sprenger writes his critiques

Sade showing her roomy front reach

Sade demonstrates her powerful gaiting skills

Sade & Ray wait for the judge's report

Judge Sprenger awarding Sade third place in the Open Class

And now we have the Open Class Males

Judge Sprenger moving Colt up from last to first place

Colt takes the lead

Colt on his way to First Place as 2014 Open Class Sieger

Axel turns on the speed showing his roomy fast gait

Skyler highlights Axel's smooth & efficient gait

Judge Sprenger makes his final placements for the Open Class

Leslie & Axel celebrate their SG3 finish

Heska power gaiting

Heska turns on the speed

Heska shows a straight front & rear gait

Skyler prepares Heska for the standing evaluation

Judge Sprenger said that Ray & Heska showed the best off leash gaiting in the Working Dog Class

Off leash gaiting comes to an end

Heska at 7 was more than 3 years older than every other dog in the Working

Class Females. But still in magnificent shape, she is the 2014 Vize Siegerin


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