Chicago Schutzhund Verein

Autumn 2017 Trial Photos

SV Judge Norbert Feeser / GSDCA Certified Helper Ed Calderon

 Photos courtesy of  Halina Wirtanen 2017

Riding in the rain does not stop Lexie from getting her AD

Tracking begins: Judge Feeser watches Brian & Bridie / Chris & Axa on their track

Chris and Axa report out after having finished tracking.

While Ray and Milla listen to the Herr Feeser's critique after completing their track

The BH traffic safety test

Lexie celebrates after passing her BH

Bridie guards after the attack out of the rear transport and then she and Brian report out

Brian and Bridie listen to Judge

Feeser's critique of their protection

Milla holds and barks and then defends against the escape as Ray watches

Milla guards the helper as she and Ray report out to the judge after completing their protection routine

Judge Judge Feeser critques their protection work

Club president Ray Silvertrust presents SV Judge Norbert Feeser with the official

Chicago Schutzhund Verein jacket at the farewell dinner held in his honor

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