Chicago Schutzhund Verein

Summer 2017 Trial Photos

SV Judge Heinz Balonier

GSDCA Certified Helpers Ed Calderon & Ray Silvertrust

 Photos courtesy of  Halina Wirtanen 2017

Tracking begins, Ray & Milla report in and Brian and Bridie begin their track

The BH begins as Andrew & Prada complete the obedience pattern and then do the traffic safety portion

Ray translates as Andrew & Prada listen to

Judge Balonier learning they have passed the BH!

Milla retrieving over the jump and and the wall (dumbbell is in Ray's right hand blocked by Milla's head)

Protection begins as Halina & Isen start the Blind Search / Isen finds the helper and begins a hold and bark

Colt holds and barks and then defends against the escape as Andrius watches

Andrius and Colt in the side transport

Judge Balonier watches Milla's Hold and Bark

Ray & Milla wait for Herr Balonier's report. He tells them they have passed IPO 2 Protection

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